AP Seminar Students Explore the Ringling Museum of Art


Amberly Wieczorek, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 29th, Mrs. Donofrio, an English and AP Seminar teacher here at Venice High School, took the students in her AP Seminar classes on a field trip to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota to teach them that there is a deeper meaning behind art pieces than what meets the eye. They were led around the museum by a seasoned tour guide, going through the different exhibits to learn about all different types of art from all around the world.

The trip was intended to help students make connections with the art in their stimulus packets, a packet assigned to help students make important connections between literature and art. Many of the students who went on this field trip said they now feel more confident when analyzing the art that is in their stimulus packets.

Caleb Everett is one of these students, “Doing my stimulus packet after this field trip was way easier than before,” he said, “Now I feel more confident in identifying different aspects of art and what the true meaning behind a piece is.”

To achieve the purpose of this field trip, Mrs. Donofrio decided against giving students “busy work” to complete while touring the museum. She felt that if students didn’t have to worry about doing an assignment, they could spend more time looking at the art, and it worked.

“It was nice not to have a useless assignment to complete while at Ringling,” exclaimed Caleb, “I could spend time discussing art pieces with my friends without having to constantly worry about answering questions before the trip was over.”

Although this field trip was intended to just aid students in interpreting the art in their school work, they also learned something that will last a lifetime: a deep appreciation for art and its role in the world.

“I feel like this field trip helped me realize that what we learn in class can actually be applied to the real world,” says Kaitlyn Halpin, “I now have a greater appreciation for art and realize that art can be found everywhere. It’s just about knowing where to look for it.”

And if asked if they would ever go back to Ringling Museum of Art on their own, most students said yes.

Aundraya Murdocca says she enjoyed the field trip so much she would like to go again, “I think it would be interesting to go back to Ringling to apply what I learned to the rest of the art there and see if I could recognize the deeper meaning behind them.”