“If you Love Someone, Let Them Go.”


Amy Reynolds, Staff Writer

It is that time of year where seniors dress up in the colors of their school and move the tassels on their cap to the left. This is also the time where many relationships come to an end. College is not only a place to learn about your future, but for many people, it is a part of their life when they want to be free and not held down; in other words, “live their lives.” For some newly graduated students this is a heartbreaking time because they do not want to leave the people they have spent their last years in high school with or especially someone they love, but that is just reality for some.

You might be thinking “if you’re in love with someone why would you want to leave them and not give your relationship a chance in college?” Some people find it very easy to explain, “The college experience and my success is more important than any relationship I could have, I would never sacrifice my future for a man” says one senior interviewed. I believe the want of the college experience and everything that comes with that, for example partying and hookups, is the main reason for so many students’ broken hearts.

On the other hand, a few students are going to take that risk and see what happens “We have good communication and I truly do believe I am in love with this person.” Like the age old saying it “never hurts to try so give it a shot.” Just like in any relationship, if you are meant to be with someone you will end up with them.

The hardest relationship ending during this time are the ones that are one sided. One-person feels they want to try but the other wants the college experience. Trust must be the second most leading cause in these breakups. “I trust her with everything, she has never given me a reason not to” as said by one of the seniors trying to make it work. Especially if trust is not a stable factor between the two lovers in the first-place, distance and being around so many new people will not make it stronger in the slightest.

When you are in high school, you are so young and going to college is just the start of the new journey called life. Anything can happen and “the end” might not be THE END but just a pause on a love story. I wish all the seniors well and hope they can succeed in whatever they are looking to do. Never lose hope, you never know what is waiting for you in your future.