Volleyball Team Gets Their Bling


Emily Porter, Staff Writer

What better a place to celebrate the success of the girls’ varsity team than at one of the very first home, men’s volleyball matches in school history. The men’s volleyball team has been incredibly successful thus far into their first season; they have travelled to many different tournaments and defeated teams such as Berkley Prep, Universal Academy, and Miami Pace. After their victory against the Christian Academy Falcons, the ring ceremony for the 2017-2018 girl’s state championship team would commence.

The design was the first step to the creation of the rings. The team was given the freedom to create the rings, but they decided that it would only be right for the seniors to have control over the design since this would be their last season as Venice Indians. Although the seniors had most of the control, they still welcomed input from their teammates. A designer came to the school and sat with the girls to help put their visions down on paper. Junior, Caitlin Montgomery, said, “It was such a cool experience collaborating with the designer and watching our dreams come to life.” After many decisions and compromises, the girls came to a consensus on what the ring should look like. The rings have multiple symbols that help to tell the story of their victorious season. There are five green diamonds on the top of the ring that represent the five state championship titles, which is also emulated on the team’s apparel logo; the word “it” is engraved in the side of the ring because that is what the coaches used to motivate the team and push them to the next level; and of course, player name and number, the division the team played in, the state of Florida, and “WHEATLEY” are all included in the design. “I will always remember what a great season it was when I look back at my ring,” expressed senior Kayley Houston.

The ring ceremony was a great way to display the incredible new rings the girls had been patiently waiting for.  Players from the 1998, 2005, 2012, and 2014 state championship teams were invited back to the Teepee to hand over the rings to this year’s team. The team lined up and one by one walked across the court as their name was being announced. After every player had been handed their ring, there was a quick photo-op with the previous and current players, and then the photo that is to be displayed in Championship Hall was unveiled. Overall, the ceremony was a great reminder of what a fantastic legacy Venice Volleyball has created, and left everyone looking forward to next season.