Indians Go “Cruising for a Cure.”

Interact member, Amanda Moura, practices face painting on Journey Underwood. Face painting was one of Interact's chosen fundraisers during the event.

Emily Porter, Staff Writer

Relay for Life is a nation-wide fundraiser held by the American Cancer Society. Every year; businesses, schools, and organizations raise money all year long in preparation for this one event. Each team sets up a tent at 5:00 p.m. and keeps it running until 8:00 a.m. the next morning. The idea is that cancer doesn’t sleep, so neither do we. Relay is arguably the biggest fundraising event in the Venice community.

Many clubs from Venice High School, such as Interact and Key club, participate. Each team decides on something to sell, whether it is food, clothing, or hand-made objects. This year, the Interact club voted, and the members decided they wanted to sell face-paintings and snow cones, to go along with their theme of Alaska. Although it was certainly not the most profitable tent, the Interact members had a great time.

Throughout the night, participants walked around a track lined with luminaria in commemoration of the cancer survivors, and those that did not make it. Every hour the laps had a different theme to try and keep everyone awake. Each team would have a member go all out in their glow in the dark, decade, cowbies vs zombies, ugly Christmas sweater, and purple gear and walk the track for that hour. If your member was deemed best dressed or most enthusiastic for that lap, you would get a stamp on your sheet. At the end of the event if your team had the most stamps, they won the most spirited award. Every team strived to win this award but this year, the team #Hope won.

Although Relay is an event filled with fun and games, we have to remember why we are there. The Venice community raised a total of around $243,000, which is about $30,000 more than was expected. The money goes straight to the American Cancer Society, to help cancer patients through their journey from start to finish. It helps pay for research, transportation, lodging, treatment, prevention, and so much more. The ultimate goal for Relay is to ensure that no one has to hear those life-altering words, “You have cancer.”

Megan Friend, holding the spirit stick, leads the Interact team on their first lap.
Every group at the event had a different location as a theme. Interact club’s theme was Alaska.
Kaley Snow shows off Interact’s shirts specially made for the event.
Loran Turkovics and Haley Ponder, from Interact, take a break from setting up their tent.