“Casino Royale” Was a Night to Remember

Christina Greig, Staff Writer

The beautiful and breezy (high of 71) weather wasn’t the only new experience for this year’s class attending prom this past Saturday. The anticipated annual event was held about a month and a half earlier than usual and at a new location, the Hyatt Regency.

After the hunt for a parking spot, students gathered along the water at Marina Jacks, Bayfront Park, where parents were waiting to capture the moment with dozens of pictures. Smiles were bright as everyone confidently showed off their prom looks and gathered with their dates and friends for photos. Then it was time to hop in their limos and buses and head down the street to the Hyatt.

“I loved the new location because as soon as you pulled up and walked through the glass doors, you saw this clean and modern lobby with a beautiful view of the water” states Sarah Mattson, who has attended prom all four years at VHS. Upon arrival, students were served hor d’oeurves as they waited in line to have their photos taken by Lifetouch.  “Whatever those bacon wrapped things were tasted so good,” claims Kyle Johnson.

Inside the ballroom, students claimed tables and then got in line for dinner. “Those brownies were so good, and I definitely ate four or five of them,” states Kayleigh Garbrandt.  As dinner was winding down, Chris Galeone made the brave trek to the dance floor to get the party started.   Galeone remained a prominent presence on the dance floor along with Neil Blake and Kyle Marois, who kept the crowd going all night as students celebrated and danced to current hits and popular throwback songs.

While most students danced the night away, others tried their hand at the casino tables. Russian roulette and black jack seemed to be the most popular games as the lines remained long all night. Players won tickets that were put into a raffle drawing for prizes.

Another great feature of holding the event at the Hyatt, was the photo booth. Seniors lined up and chose items from a prop table and headed into the booth with their dates and friends to capture their fun of the evening.  “The photo booth had to be one of the best parts of the night; it was so fun posing with light sabers, Minion hats, and Hawaiian leis,” says Keri Collins.

At last it was time to recognize the Class of 2017 Prom Court and crown the king and queen.  The court pairs were announced as they made their way onto the dance floor in anticipation.  At last, Mr. Slaton announced that Brandon Raynor and Madison Mullis were chosen by their class to be crowned.  “It took me a second to process that it was actually my name that was called, but it was an incredible feeling and just icing on top of an already great night at prom,” states Raynor.  “I was so happy that Maddie won, she is so deserving, and that is why I voted for her,” shares fellow court member, Heather Braswell.

Though some people are resistant to change, it seemed that the class of 2017 welcomed the fresh, new take on prom and the chance to celebrate their time in high school together coming to an end. “After seeing everyone dressed up at prom, I think it is official that we have to be the best looking class ever at VHS,” Alexis LeBlanc shared, with a laugh.