MPA Masterpieces


Sophia Gee, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the course of the musical season, students prepare for the judgement of their performance ability at the annual MPA, Music Performance Assessment. Each performance is rated on a scale of poor, good, excellent, or superior. This season our performing arts groups have had a record setting year, with an astounding number of awards received.

The first assessment of the year was of the marching band, which performed their “Band of Animals” show, featuring selections from the Monkees, the Beatles, the Eagles, and more. The combination of their performance quality and visuals earned our amazing Marching Indians a superior rating. The concert, symphonic, and jazz bands were the next musicians rated. The incredible concert and jazz bands both received an excellent rating, and the symphonic band earned a superior and a spot in the upcoming state competition.

This success was closely followed with the amazing ratings of the choirs. Men’s choir, Treble 1, and the advanced Treble 2 choir all earned superior ratings. The after-school, audition choir, Le Voci di Venezia, received an excellent.

The orchestra amazed with the performances of the freshman and Advanced orchestras. The Freshman Orchestra was rated for comments only, however, the equivalent of their score was an excellent rating. The Advanced Orchestra earned an outstanding excellent.

Individual students were also encouraged to prepare a piece for a separate rating.

­­­­The band students that participated in individual evaluation include Chris Galeone (12), Aislin McDonald (10), Kylie Grimes (10), Lindsey Sherwood (12), and Amelia Gee (10). All students received a superior and Chris Galeone earned a superior with distinction at both the district and state levels. Chris says “Music is the most powerful form of expression. Without it your expressions remain silent.”

The choir students showcased their talents with astounding duets from Dahlia Martinez (10) and Katie Buley (10), and Chris Galeone (12) and Sage Delnegro (12). An incredible ensemble performance was presented by Dahlia Martinez (10), Sophie Shay (12), Amelia Gee (10), Jackie   Luis-Arias (11), and Katerina Stehlikova (12). Brave soloists that performed included Jillian Steffens (10), Annie Resendez (09), Melissa Whitman (12), Dahlia Martinez (10), Amelia Gee (10), and Jackie Luis-Arias. Amelia Gee says “I love my chorus family. I wouldn’t have been able to do a solo without their support and the encouragement of my chorus teacher, Mrs. Smith.” These extraordinary students walked away with five superiors and three excellent ratings.

Orchestra students also displayed their talents, with two solos and an ensemble. The soloists were Cayla Coffey (12) and Alexis Patrick (11), with the piano accompaniment of Elijah Rodriguez (11), which earned an excellent and superior respectively. The ensemble presented the incredible talents of Cayla Coffey (12), Allison Curtner (12), Amber Doty (12), and Morgan Klein (12). These amazing students received a superior.

This victorious season is one to remember, with a record number of triumphs and the countless hours of practice, all to display our student’s dedication to the arts.