Prom: How Much is too Much?

Prom: How Much is too Much?

Alexis LeBlanc, Editor-in-Chief

     Prom is one of the most pivotal events in a high schoolers life. Some students would argue it is just as relevant as walking up to the stage with your cap and gown to grab your diploma at graduation. Most people can look back and remember what their prom was like. There is no doubt that prom now is much different from when our parents were in high school, but it still has the same concept: find a date, buy/ rent a dress or tux, take pictures. Some people think prom is overrated, but I believe it is something worth experiencing whether you generally enjoyed high school or not. However, I do believe there can be a lot of money misspent and unnecessary stress associated with prom. So the question is: how much is too much?

      For some people prom is a night to enjoy with your friends and dress up to celebrate almost being finished with high school, but for other people it quickly turns into a competition. First of all there’s “The Dress.” How much are you willing to spend on a dress alone, not including the alterations, shoes, accessories, hair, and nails? Not to mention how far are you willing to drive to find your dress? And if you get the same dress as someone else, prepare for war. In order to prevent that, you can always join the “Facebook Prom Dress Page” and scroll through fifty pictures of dresses and try to commit them to memory while shopping. You can pretty much guarantee every day will be booked the week of prom, rushing to the alterations shop to pick up your dress or tux, squeezing in your nail, hair, and eyelash appointments between school and work, grabbing last minute accessories and hoping to get to the beach for a few hours for that “perfect golden tan” or if all else fails getting a spray tan and praying you won’t be too orange.

      The next thing to consider is the date factor. Should you go with your friends (dateless), find a random classmate that you’ve barely spoken a word to in about a year but you can tolerate, or can you and your boyfriend/girlfriend tough it out until at least after prom, although you will probably argue the entire night? Not only do you have to stress about the dating situation, but the actual asking of the date itself. You thought you could just simply ask and be off the hook? Nope. You have to come up with a clever, creative, “promposal” and hopefully you’ve looked far back enough in google so you’re date won’t find out that you couldn’t come up with an original idea.

      Okay, so you’ve made it this far. But it’s not over yet. Now it is time to worry about transportation and meeting times. Should you drive alone with your date or a couple of friends? (Awkward.) Or there is always a prom bus. But then how many people can you fit on the bus? How can you include all of your friends and their dates on the bus so you don’t offend or leave anyone out? Will all of the friends and miscellaneous dates get along? You don’t want any drama happening in a span of twenty-five minutes. Is your date willing to be on the bus with your friends or do they want you to go on their friends’ bus? Next you have to figure out what time everyone is meeting up to get on the bus and drive to Marina Jacks where everyone goes to take pictures….Whoa but wait a minute. How much does that cost again? You’ve already paid the cost of the prom ticket, maybe even your dates, you’ve covered the cost of the dress/tux and all of the accessories, but now you have to pay fifty bucks for the prom bus? You’ll be in debt by the end of the night!

      You can breathe now, you’ve finally made it to prom. Hopefully you haven’t set so much pressure on the prom preparations that you’re disappointed. No matter what you can’t avoid the tedious preparations for prom, but you don’t have to stress yourself out so much. When you look back in ten years are you really going to remember if some girl you’ve barely ever talked to wore the same dress as you?