2017 Prom Court


Kristina Dorsett, Staff Writer

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to be on the 2017 Prom Court.  All organizations on campus nominated one boy and one girl for prom court.  Students then took to Blackboard to select eight boys and girls for the court.  The 16 seniors who gathered the most votes were announced Tuesday, March 28th.

Seniors vote for King and Queen on Blackboard through Thursday, April 6th, and they will be crowned Saturday, April 8th at the Hyatt in downtown Sarasota.

Prom Court Girls:

Megan Bracken

Heather Braswell

Peyton Hoey

Mariel Imperante

Maddie Kern

Ashley Kot

Jamie Kraut

Madison Mullis



Prom Court Boys:

Samir Bouhamid

George Cemovich

Christian Ciotti

Anthony DeSalvia

Kevin Mahoney

Brandon Raynor

Thura Zay Yar

Mikey Priest