Students find a voice in the Principal’s Cabinet


Jessica Gonzalez, Copy Editor

Throughout the first day of school, it was a miracle if anyone made it through an entire period without someone complaining about the dress code. “It’s too strict!” “It’s degrading!” “It disregards self-expression!” So when the administration announced the first Principal’s Cabinet meeting in order to improve Venice High School’s campus life, it was no surprise that the main issue was revising the dress code. Initially, the Principal’s Cabinet was to be a group of about twelve students from each class that would meet bi-weekly with Principal Jackson to address the pressing issues of VHS. Now the Principal’s Cabinet has served VHS’s student body very well for its first year in existence.

Since the first meeting, the Principal’s Cabinet worked tirelessly to address every kink in the dress code. Principal Jackson held an open meeting for all VHS students in which they could share what they disliked about the dress code and debate constructive solutions for the different problems. Then, the students in the cabinet began redesigning the brochure and the wording of exactly what would be allowed for each article of clothing. But it didn’t end there. The Principal’s Cabinet has always been focused on including the students and teachers in every decision and making sure that the changes are positively supported by the majority of campus. The cabinet wanted to reintroduce the dress code in a fun and engaging way to ensure support from all staff members and clarify exacting what changes occurred.

Unlike anything done at Venice High School before, the Principal’s Cabinet held the first annual Dress Code Fashion Show. The cabinet put together an entire runway show, one that would blow New York Fashion Week shows out of the water. Every member of the cabinet was involved in the runway, whether as a model or a speaker. There were intense and draining rehearsals as every model had to perfect the runway walk. Strutting down the VPAC runway in front of the entire staff of VHS was no easy feat, but the cabinet members killed it with their positive attitudes! The crowd went wild with laughter and support of the project, especially when Ravi Patel revealed the majority of his legs in very short, inappropriate shorts. Afterwards, the students were so proud of their accomplishments and changing the dress code for the betterment of the campus. Revealing the revised dress code and receiving the supportive feedback was so satisfying, but the Principal’s Cabinet wasn’t done yet.

Since then, the Principal’s Cabinet attended the Superintendent’s Forum, where students from every school in Sarasota County discussed how to address a variety of pressing issues with former Superintendent Lori White and the new Superintendent Dr. Todd Bowden. VHS students, working with other students in the area, came up with innovative ways to fix the plethora of problems brought up for the betterment of the community. Superintendent Bowden was so impressed by Venice High that in his first day in office, he personally visited the campus to hold a meeting with the Principal’s Cabinet and collect more constructive feedback on how to improve our educational system. Currently, the Principal’s Cabinet continues to aid the campus as it reviews issues like parking concerns, scheduling next year, senior parade, and other problems that students shed light on. Remember, the Principal’ Cabinet serves the students’ needs so if you have any concerns that you’d like the Principal’s Cabinet to discuss, tell administrators or find a cabinet member so your voice can be heard too.